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Firestorm Inc.

The Complete Firestorm Flashpoint Kit

The Complete Firestorm Flashpoint Kit

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The Firestorm Flashpoint Kit comes with:

-The O-ring sealing box and hinged lid

-The Tinderbox insert with built in pencil sharpener

-The Organizer insert

-One 5" long, 1/2" diameter Ferro rod

-One high speed steel, high-end striker (no stamped steel striker here!)

-One tin of Petroleum jelly cotton balls (the tin can be used to make char cloth (see paper instructions)

-One telescopic pocket bellow for blowing life into the fire

-A test tube of Jute twine (broken down fine fibers catch a spark very well, but be fast, it burns quickly

-One 3 foot section of Survival Paracord with built in strand of tinder string and fishing line.

-One 6 hour tea light that can help you in many ways in a bad situation

-Some sticks of fatwood to be used if you can't find proper dry standing twigs (see paper instructions)

-One built in magnet in the lid (which an be used to make a compass (see paper instructions)

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