About Us


  Firestorm Inc. started around the idea of having a one stop shop for the best product solutions for outdoor recreation and general preparedness- and that is the future goal.

One Example: Using a ferro rod. There are many products that boast to be the best, and many tinders that claim to be ever so easy to use, lighting at the idea of a spark... well most aren't and most don't. I have personally tested dozens and dozens of tinders and ferro rod/ferro rod products and I found them good enough to get there with years of experience behind you, but overall lacking. This is where the Firestorm Flashpoint fire kit was born. Better use, more control, friendly learning curve, and a few emergency choice tinders to use in a pinch. On top of that, the infinite tinder wood shavings from the tinderbox insert add an endless volume with no cost to use. Nothing is perfect, but the Flashpoint is one of the most user friendly and versatile kits on the market today.

At Firestorm Inc, we want to develop a trusted brand for outdoor and preparedness gear. The idea is, if we say it'll do the job, you can count on that. This will take time, and with your continued support we can get there together, cutting through subpar products that would detract from our purchases and disappoint in the field.