This Kit Manages Weather, Time, and Inexperience in Bad Times

Starting a fire with sparks in the woods is not easy if you don't have the right experience and/or gear. This is the must have bug out bag fire starting kit! Tinders included, ready to go.

Bic lighters seize from moisture and leak gas over time, matches break and run out quickly, don't be caught without this sealed, 5 tinder ready, ferro rod kit in your car or stored with your preps.

Making Fire IS Survival and Self-Reliance

Supply Chain Failure & Corruption/ Abuse of Power

HyperInflation & Government Spending

Statewide Flooding & The Threat of Local Natural Disasters

Wheat Shortages due to War & Livestock failure due to Drought

Power Grid Failures & Freezing Winters

Mass Food Plant Destruction & Farmland Purchases

Replacement Kits

  • O-ring Sealed & Self-Contained

    The Flashpoint comes with 5 internal ready to go tinders, a tinder maker, and storage for everything the kit comes with to keep it safe and dry.

  • The Tinderbox

    The tinderbox is one of the two inserts that comes in the Flashpoint. It enbles the user to make their own dry wood shaving tinder on demand.

  • More Control

    The Flashpoint offers much more control than most ferro rods in the field. You can throw sparks without pinning tinder or pulling the rod with your hand safely out of the way!

The Flashpoint Fire Starting Kit Video